Good Samaritan Outreach Center

We are an inner city mission of First Christian Church.  Our goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by serving families in need with food and clothing.

We are located at 427 West Washington Ave, Springfield, OH 323-2323


Good Samaritan

Outreach Center

A MISSION OF First Christian Church.

Current Volunteer Needs:

Food pantry volunteers

Clothing pantry volunteers


Welcome to Good Smaritan Outreach Center site!




We are having a Mother/Daughter/Women's dinner this Monday May 11th.  Tickets are free.  Be sure to get yours by May 9th to be able to join us for a night of entertainment, a home cooked meal and door prizes!




Sunday May 17 th is our next bumper bag collection at First Christian Church.


Did you know:

We can purchase food items for our families for .19 a pound.  This is a better savings than a 10/$10 deal.


We cannot purchase personal hygiene products at this amazing price.


We provide food and clothing for 270 clients and their families each month.


All donations are GREATLY appreciated!  Please bring your items to the church for collection.  If you have a monetary donation look for our trustees and they will give you an envelope.  We will be wearing our blue GSOC shirts.  See you May 17th!